HTML Support for Email Tasks! 📩

With our new development, the contents of incoming e-mail tasks and invitation mails will be displayed as HTML. You will be able to view your e-mail in Cubicl in the same way as it appears in your mail service provider.

We have added 2 new buttons to this area to improve the user experience:

Expand Content Button

If the content of the e-mail is higher than the maximum height of the activity box, this button is shown, you can view the entire content by clicking this button.

Show Quote Button

This button is displayed in the quoted e-mail contents. By clicking this button, you can view both the quote and the entire content.

Ignoring Sender

Now all emails with "noreply..." sender, including advertisements, quotes, and unsubscribe links will have a task created in Cubicl.
We have added an ignore sender button to prevent spam e-mails to create tasks in Cubicl. You can ignore senders by selecting the "Ignore Sender" option from the action menu of the task activity.
You can also view and edit ignored senders from the action menu of the relevant e-mail box.

NOTE: This change will only be applied to future tasks.
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