Editing Tasks on the Task Detail Page ✏️

We've made a development on the task detail page that allows you to make edits without having to open the task form. Now you can organize your tasks much faster and easier.

Edit assignees 👥

You can add assignees with the "+" button in the Assignees field. The users you select from the selection menu will be added to the relevant task as an assignee. If you want to delete the assignee, you can click on the small red cross button on the top right of their profile photo.

Edit clients 🤝

You can add clients to tasks or delete existing clients by clicking the pencil icon in the client field. When you click on any place outside the menu, your changes will be saved.

Edit dates 📅

You can edit or delete dates by clicking on the dates. When you click on a place other than calendar field, the selections you make will be saved.

NOTE: To edit start dates, the task must have a start date that added before.

Change the priority of the task ⬆️

You can select the new task priority by clicking on the priority of the task. The selections you make will be automatically saved.

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