Block Spam E-mails 🚫

We've made a new development for emails that you don't want their tasks to be created in Cubicl. With this improvement, you can now prevent emails containing certain words from creating a task in Cubicl.

In order to use this feature, open the menu of an email on the Email boxes page and click on the Black List option.
The Black List page has two tabs.
On the Emails tab, the email addresses that you have blocked are listed.
On the Words tab, the words that you have blocked are listed. To block a new word/phrase, type a word, click the Add+ button and save it.✔️

The words you have added will be searched in e-mails regardless of uppercase or lowercase letters. From now on, no task will be created in Cubicl for e-mails containing these words in their subject or content.
To delete the words you have blocked, you can click the Delete button that appears when you hover your mouse over the word.

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