Announcing Our New Client Merge Feature! 🤝


With our new feature, you can merge multiple client records created for the same client under a single client!
This way, more than one record created for the same client does not accumulate in your list, you can do your work easier and faster.
Click the yellow light bulb button on the Other > Clients page to view your customer suggestions that may belong to the same organization.

You can merge your clients belonging to the same organization from the Actions > Merge option on the relevant client's detail page. Accounts that may belong to the same organization are listed in the blue information box in the modal opened to merge clients.

When you merge your clients, the current client is combined with the target client record. The current client's links are added to the target client's links. Details that are not in the target client but in the current client are transferred to the target client.

All records of the current client (tasks, offers, portal datas, activities, bookkeeping entries, etc.) are transferred to the target client.
Finally, the current client is permanently deleted.

Visit the Clients page to explore this feature!

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