Add fields such as long text, number, date, time to the task form.

We've added new types to additional task form fields that you can add to your tasks. With this improvement, you can now add new fields to tasks such as short text, long text, number, date, date and time, and option list.

To use the feature, go to Project > Settings > Details. In the Create New Field section, type the field name and select its type. Click the Add+ button and it will be saved in the task form.

In the Created Fields section, the fields you have previously added are listed. From here you can update and delete fields.

Your additional task fields are listed in the right corner of the task detail page. You can type values ​​to these fields in the task form according to the type of field you selected.

When you update the additional task fields, an activity log will be created in the task's page.

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