Manage Your Bookkeeping! 🏦

Thanks to our new feature, you can follow up your bookkeeping in Cubicl. This feature is open to our clients using Professional plan and above, but it has been defined to all of our clients so that you can experience it for a certain period of time!
Bookkeeping allows you to keep records of receivables and payables. In this way, you can see from whom how much payment you should receive, when the payment will be due, which payments are late and how much you owe to whom.
These payments are categorized as Outstanding, Overdue and Paid. If you want to view a specific payment, you can search typing the name of the payment in the search button. 🔍
In the upper menu of the page, Total Receivable, Outstanding Receivable, Overdue Receivable and Total Payable values are displayed respectively as you can also seen below. 
You can click Create button to create a new Receivable or Payable.
On the Create Entry page, select the Client. Select the type of entry. Receivable is what your customer owes you. Payable is your debt to the customer. Enter the total cost and currency. Fill in the entry name and description. Enter the due date. If some or all of the amount you entered has been paid before, enter this information in Amount Paid section. Afterwards, you can click  Save button to create entry for the receivable and payable. 
When you click Add Payment, you can enter both the all amount and partial.
You can examine more in detail from our user manual.

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